The NA-ACCORD collects a number of data elements. For specific information, contact Aimee Freeman, NA-ACCORD Administrator.

Longitudinal data elements include:

  • Demographic characeristics (year of birth, sex, race/ethnicity, HIV transmission risk, georaphic residence, etc.)
  • Behavioral characteristics (cigarette smoking, alcohol use, other substance use, etc.)
  • Co-infections (hepatitis B and C infections, etc.)
  • HIV care, disease progression, and treatment measurements (HIV primary care visits, CD4 counts, HIV RNA, AIDS-defining illnesses, specific antiretroviral therapies and regimens etc.)
  • Risk factors (BMI, lipids, etc.)
  • Non-HIV treatmment medications (for hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
  • Age-related disease diagnosis (anemia, hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and validated myocardial infarction, cancer, end-stage renal disease, and end-stage liver disease)